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存在しない名前を指定したときにも発生します。 Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Sheets( " なし" ) ' エラー Set ws = Sheets( " Sheet1" ) ' 正常. When you use Excel. Workbooks you are referring to a generic Workbooks collection. If you want to access the Workbooks collection that is in your current application, then you need to use Application. A few details about your question and the reasons it doesn' t work: " Workbooks" is a collection of files currently open in Excel. your file exists on disk, but if is not open it doesn' t exist in Workbooks collection, so the first step is to. As mentioned in a comment by Jeeped, the path name is not used to close workbooks again. The correct code is. Workbooks( Filename). Close SaveChanges: = False. Thanks you everyone for their help. Sub mil10_ data( ) Dim NewWB As Workbook Dim thisWB As Workbook Dim wb As Workbook Dim Ret Dim.

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    Runtime workbook error

    If you still get " Subscript out of range" error, that means that you either don' t select correctly the ActiveSheet bugging tip: put in these lines before Set targetColumn = Workbooks( " B" ). Columns( " A" ) dim aaa as object Set aaa = Workbooks( " B" ) Set aaa = Workbooks( " B" ). and run your code again. まず、 Workbooks( " Book2. xlsm" ) でワークブック本体を取得するには、 そのファイルを 開いていないとダメです。 そしてWorksheetsには名前ではなくindexを渡します。 つまり 何番目のシートかという数字です。 1番目のシートであれば. Fully referencing things will be more beneficial. PLus all the selecting and activating is super sloppy. Workbooks( " Book1" ). share| improve this answer. answered Nov 23 ' 16 at.

    Excel2010、 実行時エラー9インデックスが有効範囲にありませんの原因と対策を記載 して行きます。. OpenFileName: = OpenPath & " \ " & OpenName, ReadOnly: = True Workbooks( TargetName). Activate ← ここで、 エラーが発生する. NewBook is alreayd a workbook object so the correct way to do this assignment is like Set NewSheet = NewBook. Sheets( " Sheet1" ). The construct Workbooks( _ something_ ) takes a string argument, as the name of a workbook.