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= ( " Selected" ) ) {. is always met, so you end up reading off the end of the file. line eventually becomes null and line. trim( ) gets an NPE. Never compare strings. The condition of the while loop beginning with while ( line. If the code fails, myscanner will still be uninitialised. You' ll then get a null pointer exception when you try to use it. That' s what' s happening to you. You want to try either try { myscanner = new Scanner( new File( " file. txt" ) ) ; / / now. getOutputMediaFile( type) returns null. public Uri getOutputMediaFileUri( int type) { return Uri. fromFile( getOutputMediaFile( type) ) ; }. You are returning here: / / Create the storage directory if it does not exist if.

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    Nullpointerexception lang caused

    For there are some mistakes which u have done which are very silly! createTempFile( " sound", ". For static ref it should be. and it should be stored it in your file which is null. main( ZygoteInit. 114: E/ AndroidRuntime( 1015) : at dalvik. main( Native Method: 08: 58. 114: E/ AndroidRuntime( 1015) : Caused by: java. NullPointerException 06- 22. You initialize the File first and after that set the file path. Try to use a constructor in the Details class: public Details( String path) this. path = path; myFile = new File( path) ; }.

    listFiles( ) is not guaranteed to return a non- null value. This tends to occur ( from my experience) because Java could see what looked like directory, but could not list it ( Junctions come to mind). list( ) returns null. It probably happens because you ( current user) does not have access rights to the directory. I guess it is about C: \ ( the root directory of disk C). This often happens especially on Windows 7. First try w, whenever I open a file, I received a warning of a NullPointerException. TernCorePlugin$ 1. run( TernCorePlugin. java: 96) at org. java: 55) Caused by: java.