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Datatype of primary key column and foreign key column must be same. とか、 Mysql2: : Error: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails ( ` foo`. みたいな外部キー制約絡みのエラーが発生したときに以下の手順で詳細. MySQLエラー1215: 外部キー制約を追加できません. 外部キー制約エラーが 発生する理由:. すべてのテーブルでInnoDBをエンジンとして使用していません。 ターゲット表の存在しないキーを参照しようとしています。 それが他のテーブルのキーで ある. 私の知る限りは、 MariaDBやMySQLの次のストレージエンジンは外部キーをサポートし ている。 InnoDB ( innodb_ plugin. t2` ( errno: 150 " Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed" ) | | Warning | 1215 | Cannot add foreign key this blog, we' ll look at how to resolve MySQL error code 1215: “ Cannot add foreign key constraint”. Our Support customers often come to us with things like “ My database deployment fails with error 1215”, “ Am trying to. I hit the dreaded error 1215 while using the Workbench and spent a long time trying to work out what was wrong.

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    I eventually noticed that some of my tables were defined with " latin1 - default collation", while others were. The syntax of FOREIGN KEY for CREATE TABLE is structured as follows: FOREIGN KEY ( index_ col_ name) REFERENCES table_ name ( index_ col_ name,. ) So your MySQL DDL should be: create table course ( course_ id. As I mentioned in my comment, the problem is that groupname_ id on the users table is unsigned, while the group_ id on the groups table is signed. It was a hunch, so I tested it, and just now successfully added and altered. mysql> ALTER TABLE users ADD FOREIGN KEY( kind_ id) REFERENCES kinds( id) ON UPDATE CASCADE ON DELETE SET NULL;. When I went to reload the table, I got error 1215. The problem was there was another table in the database that had a foreign key to the table I had deleted and was reloading. Part of the reloading process involved changing a.